Bolivian Government Guarantees Food Despite Severe Drought

Bolivian Government Guarantees Food Despite Severe Drought

On Tuesday, the Vice Minister told La Razón Radio that amid the effects caused by the severe drought in large part of the country, food production is guaranteed by the Government.

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According to the official, there will be considerable losses. He said that the situation in the seven departments affected by the drought is delicate. 

However, Calvimontes said that food deliveries will not be affected «because provisions have been made through the Ministry of Rural Development.»

The vice minister also referred to the arrival of the rains, which he described as a relief. «We are in the final part of this phenomenon, the first rains give us hope, and the worst is over.»

��#NTVInforma| El municipio de Omereque está en emergencia por la sequía que atraviesa, 15 comunidades y 1.000 familias se ven perjudicados. Hasta la fecha, 100 cabezas de ganado se perdieron ante la falta agua.
Periodista: Wanda Dorado

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November 21, 2022

The municipality of Omereque is in a drought emergency; 15 communities and 1,000 families are affected by the drought. To date, 100 heads of cattle have been lost due to the lack of water. Journalist: Wanda Dorado

Cochabamba, the Chaco, La Paz, Tarija, Potosí, Chuquisaca and Santa Cruz regions are in a difficult situation due to the lack of rainfall.

Extreme drought conditions hurt the country’s livestock and agricultural production. It is also one of the causes of fires in most of the national territory. 


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