Haiti: Airport to Gradually Restore Commercial Flights

Haiti: Airport to Gradually Restore Commercial Flights

On Monday, the Haitian National Police (HNP) reported that the Toussaint Louverture international airport will resume commercial flights gradually, while work continues to ensure security.


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On its Facebook page, the HNP said that a cargo flight from Sunrise Airways had arrived the day before, and that two more were already being organised.

As part of the security work, around 350 houses were demolished within the perimeter of the airfield, which has been closed to civilian flights since 4 March this year.

Only US military aircraft were allowed to take off and land on the runway until a few hours ago.

Low-cost carrier based in the United States, Spirit Airlines, is all set to resume flights between Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport and Cap Haïtien, Haiti, from today onwards#wicnews @SpiritAirlines https://t.co/sMRgrLZry2

— WIC News (@WIC_News)
May 10, 2024

Between 80 and 90 houses that pose a threat to the airport will soon be demolished in the second phase of the project.

So far, 400 houses have already been destroyed and 90 more overlooking the airport have been identified for demolition, the daily Le Nouvelliste reported.

Before this work, the buildings were six metres from the airport’s perimeter wall, but now there is a distance of 35 metres.

In the second phase, 40 percent of the houses will be demolished.

The security project will have a third phase, as 35 metres from the perimeter wall is not enough to prevent an individual armed with a long-range rifle from hitting any target inside the airport.

It is planned to extend the runway of the airfield and a road will be built to secure the perimeter.

Police or military facilities will also be built to secure the perimeter of the airport, the authorities clarify that there will be considerations for schools.

So far 193 homeowners have received their compensation cheques as part of this project.

The HNP argues that homes near the airport station pose a significant threat, as criminals could use them to carry out attacks.

In a shooting incident in the area, a projectile hit a Sunrise Airways aircraft that was already in position on the runway to cover the Port-au-Prince-Havana, Cuba route on 29 February.

The gang coalition was also stationed for a long time waiting for the landing of former Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who travelled to Kenya to sign an agreement that would see the deployment of a multinational police force led by the African nation.

Henry travelled from Nairobi to the United States, and from there to Haiti, but was unable to enter the country, continued on to the Dominican Republic where he was prevented from entering, and temporarily settled in Puerto Rico.

The thugs who had hitherto prevented operations at Toussaint Louverture Airport in Haiti succeeded in getting Henry to resign.

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